Spectacle Lenses

Your visual needs are as individual as you are which is why it is vital that your spectacles are tailored to your lifestyle. By offering a wide range of lens options, coatings and materials to best suit your specific needs we will ensure that your eyewear fits you’re your individual demands and lifestyle.
  • Varilux® XR series™ - the first eye-responsive varifocal lensCaret-down

    Our eyes make over 100,000 movements daily, working hard to process information like never before in today's digitally connected world. Varilux® XR series™ responds to this evolution in our vision.

    Eye movements are multi-directional, but when it comes to varifocals, standard designs only support linear eye movement, making it difficult for our eyes to change focus rapidly.

    Everyone needs the best and most comfortable vision, so we always recommend the most advanced varifocal lens, specifically designed using artificial intelligence around how your eyes move. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the lenses predict how you look at things. You'll experience instant visual sharpness, even when moving around and seamless transitions from near-to-far and between.

    The lenses offer easy adaptation and reduced distortions; you'll notice the difference as soon as you put them on.

  • Eyezen® enhanced single vision lensesCaret-down

    Eyezen® is a fantastic everyday spectacle lens that provides comfort and protection for people living in a digitally connected world.

    The increased usage of smartphones, tablets, flat-screen TVs and computers creates extra visual demands, which can be hard on our eyes and may cause digital eye strain.

    Eyezen® is an enhanced single-vision lens that filters at least 20% of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and works to reduce digital eye strain symptoms.

    They provide sharper vision than ordinary single-vision lenses. They suit everyone with a single-vision prescription who wants to make screen use easier.

    We also recommend the Eyezen® Kids range of lenses to our younger patients whose vision plays a crucial role in their development and growth. Promoting a healthy image during your children's school years is essential, especially as their visual system is still developing.

  • TransitionsCaret-down

    Transition® lenses, also called photochromic or adaptive lenses, are light-intelligent spectacle lenses that protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

    They are transparent indoors and darken within a minute or less when exposed to UV rays. They protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV and blue light and are suitable for outdoor use, so there is no need to replace them with sunglasses; you'll only need one pair.

    The transition from clear to dark does not affect vision quality or comfort, making them an excellent alternative to standard lenses.

    They are convenient because they eliminate the need for separate frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses. They are available in various colours and suitable for most frames to give you a stylish look.

    A specific design option is available for driving, which darkens behind the windscreen to give you precise, safe and sharp vision whilst at the wheel.

  • Crizal Spectacle Lens CoatingsCaret-down

    Crizal® anti-reflective lenses provide complete protection for your eyes and clear vision. The lenses have many features and benefits, including protection from harmful UV rays outdoors.

    Adapted to various wearers' preferences, every lens in the Crizal® range has the same level of quality and clarity to provide the absolute sharpest vision.

    · Crizal® Sapphire ™ UV – Top of the range for the best clarity. Multi-angular technology reduces reflections from all directions. This minimises glare, offers enhanced UV protection and provides better nighttime driving.

    · Crizal® Prevencia® lenses filter out harmful blue-violet light from digital screens. But they allow helpful blue-turquoise light through.

    · Crizal® Easy Pro combines the perks of durability, scratch resistance, easy cleaning and UV protection all in one lens.

    Ask our expert team about the best Crizal® for your needs.