Eye Examination

At ICare Shetland, we take pride in our sight test

We tailor your examination to your individual needs, utilising the latest technology, clinical advancements, and expertise to ensure that your eye health and vision are our top priorities. We will always strive to treat you in a professional and caring manner and make you feel at ease while in our care.

Advanced Eyecare

Your eye health is important to us. Our Advanced Eye Examination takes advantage of the latest ophthalmic technology, allowing us to provide you with the best possible care. By taking regular images and scans of your eye, we can identify any subtle changes allowing us to identify eye conditions at an early stage.
Our Advanced Eye Examination is available for a £45 fee or is included for all customers on our direct debit plans.

Emergency Eyecare

We understand that certain eye conditions require immediate attention. That's why we offer acute emergency appointments for issues such as foreign bodies, sudden loss of vision, flashes and floaters, red eyes, and eye pain. Our resident Optometrist, Linda Gunn, is the first Shetland resident Optometrist qualified as an Independent Prescriber. This qualification enables her to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions promptly and efficiently, eliminating the need for involvement from other healthcare professionals.

Independent Prescribing

Linda qualified as an independent prescriber (IP) in March 2022. This took about 2 years which included a year of distance learning study with Glasgow Caledonian university followed by a hospital clinical placement then before completing a final exam with the College of Optometrists.

Linda is the first Optometrist to qualify as an independent prescriber in Shetland. Having her IP qualification allows Linda to assess and manage more complex acute eye conditions and, when necessary, prescribe medication without having to go through your GP. This ensures we can provide our patients with the most effective treatment in the most efficient manner.