About ICare Shetland

ICare Shetland is an independent optical practice based in Lerwick, Shetland. We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of care and great products to our valued customers. Access to high quality eyecare is essential to everyone but on an Island such as Shetland, where the nearest Ophthalmology Department is a flight or ferry journey away, being able to diagnose problems quickly and accurately is vital. This is why we continue to invest in the latest technology and make efforts to keep at the forefront of Optometric learning.

Having worked in the practice for a number of years, Linda Gunn and Andrew Foyle took over the business in September 2017 upon the retirement of Christine Kelly. In June 2018 the practice was rebranded to to it’s current guise of ICare Shetland.

History of 58 Commercial Street

  • John Ballatyne Anderson, SolicitorCaret-down
    58 Commercial Street left of Anderson & Co. circa.1905. (Photograher unknown)

    For the first half of the 20th century, 58 Commercial Street was the address of John B. Anderson Solicitors. Originally owned by Johanna Eliz. Allan (nee. Irvine) wife of well know bible publisher Robert L Allan, the building was purchased by John Bannatyne Anderson in 1915.

    The building still retains the original 'strong room' used to store sensitive documents, which now houses our field screener.

  • Shetland Hand Knitters' AssociationCaret-down
    Shetland Hand Knitters' Association - 1952 (Photo J. Peterson)

    In 1952 the building changed hands and became home of the Shetland Hand Knitters' Association. Upon carrying out repairs of our dispensing room floor in 2019 we not only found some discarded thread bobbins but upon lifting some of the old floorboards we discovered that they were repurposed from the old Shetland Hand Knitters' Association signage.

  • Jamieson's OpticiansCaret-down

    No photograph available (If you have or know of one we would love you to get in touch).

    In the earld/mid 1960's the building changed hands once again, beginning it's journey in the optical trade under the proprietership of Andrew Jamieson. Jamieson's Opticians set the standard for providing high quality eyecare to Shetland and it's catchphrase of "see me, see better" is still remembered and repeated to us regularly by ex-customers.

  • Kelly Opticians (Later C. Kelly Opticians)Caret-down
    Kelly Opticians - 1999 (Photo R. Young)

    Upon the retirement of Andrew Jamieson, ownership of the building changed again in 1986, remaining as an Opticians practice under the proprietership of Brian and Christine Kelly.

    Christine took over full running of the business in 2004, changing the name to C. Kelly Opticians and working hard to build the quality of service and customer care that we strive to maintain today.

  • ICare ShetlandCaret-down
    ICare Shetland - 2023 (Photo A.Foyle)

    In September 2017 Christine took well earned retirement, handing the reigns of the business over to Andrew and Linda. Another change of name soon followed with the practice becoming ICare Shetland to reflect our primary objective of providing the best quality of eye care to the residents of Shetland.